Criteria for choosing a PPP project

The choice of PPP projects is based on several criteria:

  • The economically most advantageous offer in terms of quality, efficiency and overall value of the project.
  • The rate of employability of the Tunisian workforce, its rate of supervision and the rate of utilization of domestic products and the capacity to meet the requirements of sustainable development are among the most important advantages to which the partner public should be particularly careful when selecting the private partner.
  • The percentage devoted to subcontracting for the benefit of Tunisian small and medium-sized enterprises is also considered to be a most essential element in the content of PPP projects.

Advantages of PPP contracts:

  • The design and construction of the infrastructure is provided by the private partner
  • Immediate funding for infrastructure is provided by the private partner
  • The public partner becomes the owner of the infrastructure
  • The infrastructure is operated and maintained by the private partner
  • Disincentive penalties are applied to the private partner in the event of default
  • Private sector expertise is transferred to the public sector


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